Get Into Rugby (GIR) merupakan program resmi dari World Rugby untuk pemassalan olahraga Rugby. Indonesia sudah memiliki perkembangan yang baik selama ini dan dibuktikan dengan penambahan jumlah peserta GIR setiap tahunnya.

Get Into Rugby (GIR) is an official program from World Rugby to promote Rugby. Indonesia has had a good development so far and is proven by the increasing number of GIR participants each year.

This program is aimed for anyone who have very limited experience in Rugby. There are three (3) stages of GIR: TRY, PLAY and STAY. The program have various levels of difficulty but it will always use a very minimum equipment and always fun. This program is available on the World Rugby website  and the application can be downloaded at the Google Playstore and Apple Store.

Bahasa Indonesia merupakan salah satu bahasa dari 15 bahasa yang tersedia untuk program ini.

There are 15 translation for the program and Indonesian is one of them. The book Get Into Rugby that uses Indonesian ready to print can be downloaded at

GIR in Indonesia

Since 2017, Indonesia has significantly increased GIR numbers every year and it seems that it will continue to increase. Back in 2015, Indonesia only got 315, while in 2019 Indonesia got 27,128.

Full details can be seen in the table below:

GIR Number3381.8758.22518.96127.128

Details of Get Into Rugby Indonesia in 2019

ProvincesBoys Girls Total
Central Java1.7567082.464
East Java9729231.895
East Kalimantan1.7471.4893.236
DI Yogyakarta1.1201.0012.121
West Java297298595

Get Into Rugby : step by step

In general there are three steps to perform GIR:

Here are step by step in introducing rugby for schools:

  1. Introduction. The GIR team from Provincial PRUI will visit the school to meet the school principal or teacher to explain about Rugby. Then they will arrange introduction to the students in an open space, so students can try rugby and also ask questions about Rugby to GIR team.
  2. Rugby as one of the extra curricular schools. After the visit, the school can make Rugby as one of their extra-curricular activities for the students. School teachers can propose to have certified training for coaches so that teachers can become coaches for the kids or the school can also look for coaches from outside the school.
  3. Rugby Festivals or competitions. After regular training, the Provincial PRUI can arrange a schedule for Rugby festival either within the school or between schools depending on the number of students.

Each of these steps can be adjusted depending on the schools schedule.

To organize or discuss further on Get Into Rugby program in your area, please contact the Provincial GIR coordinator in your area:

No ProvinsiNama Alamat Email
1DI. Yogyakarta Yuyun Ardisa
2DKI. Jakarta David Afriansyah
3Jawa Barat Meita Dwi. N
4Bali Wira Ditta Lokantara
5Banten M. Reza Mahardhika
6 Aceh Aswadi
7 Jawa Tengah Imron Nugroho. S
8 Kalimantan Timur Yudhi Perdana Putra
9 Lampung    
10 Kalimantan Selatan    
11 Papua    
12 Sumatera Selatan    
13 Jawa Timur Rizki Satrio Utomo
14 Sulawesi Barat    
15 Sumatera Utara    
16 Riau    
17 Jambi    
18 NTB