Honours Board

Indonesian Rugby is indebted to the seven gentlemen who founded what was known at the time as INDONESIAN DEVELOPMENT RUGBY (IDR) on May 10, 2004. Since that time the Union has continued to grow thanks to the hard work of many volunteers plus grateful support from many sponsors and donors over the years.

Today IDR is known as PERSATUAN RUGBY UNION INDONESIA (PRUI) and the Union has achieved recognition as a National Sport from KONI.

Indonesian Rugby honours those who served PRUI over the years and thanks them for donating their valuable time to help the Union grow.

Indonesian Rugby also has a number of awards for persons or groups recognised for having played an integral role in the development of Rugby in Indonesia.

These awards are as follows:

  • Life Members
  • Jamie Wellington Indonesian Rugby Excellence Award
  • Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Award
  • Indonesian Rugby Hall of Fame
  • Coach of the Year
  • Referee of the Year

PRUI Co-founders


Andrew Nugroho
Lawrence James Jorgensen
Stephen John Barber
Paul Anthony Quaglia
Andrew Lewis Vater
John Dean ‘Deano’ Herewini
Brian Wallace Millen

PRUI Committees 2004-2012

The inaugural Committee of Indonesian Development Rugby (IDR) was elected on February 17, 2004 at Cilantro Restaurant, 46th Floor, BNI Building

President – Andrew Nugroho
Vice President – Lawrie Jorgensen
Secretary – Stephen Barber
Treasurer – Alistair McLeod
Assistant Treasurer – Larry Luckey
Sponsorship – Andrew Vater
Regional Liaison Rep – Scott Thompson
Uniform Design – Nick Villeprieux (Hong Kong based)
Women’s Rugby – Mike Runyan
Coaching Coordinator – Dave Letchford
New Club Development – Paul Quaglia
Media & Marketing – Andy Nugroho
Committee – Brian Millen, Deano Herewini, Andre Cita

President – Andrew Nugroho
Vice President – Lawrie Jorgensen (replaced by S.Barber mid-year)
Secretary – Stephen Barber (replaced by Bill Ryan mid-year)
Treasurer – Paul Quaglia
Sponsorship – Andrew Vater
Committee – Geoff Atkinson, Scott Thompson

President – Andrew Nugroho
Vice President – Stephen Barber
Secretary – Bill Ryan
Treasurer – Alistair McLeod
Sponsorship – Andrew Vater
Committee – Fikri Al-Azhar, Geoff Atkinson, Andre Mouton

President – vacant
Chairman – Stephen Barber
Vice Chairman – Mark Manderson
Secretary – Bill Ryan
Treasurer – Shane Burt
Sponsorship – Andrew Vater
Committee – Fikri Al-Azhar, Andre Mouton, Denny Peh

President – Air Vice Marshall (retired) Pieter Wattimena
Chairman – Stephen Barber
Vice Chairman – Mark Manderson
Treasurer – Shane Burt
Sponsorship – Simon Chambers
Committee – Andrew Vater, Richard Bolton, Fikri Al-Azhar, Daniel Nugroho, Bobby Orlando, Rodney Holt, Robert McKinnon
President – Air Vice Marshall (retired) Pieter Wattimena
Chairman – Stephen Barber
Vice Chairman – Tito Vito
Secretary – Bill Ryan (replaced by Arvin Tehuping)
Treasurer – Yuliana
Sponsorship – Simon Chambers
Committee – David Nye, Andrew Vater, Fikri Al-Azhar, Lucky Hakim, Robert McKinnon

President – Air Vice Marshall (retired) Pieter Wattimena
Chairman – Stephen Barber
Vice Chairman – Lucky Hakim
Secretary-General – Bill Ryan
Treasurer – Teddy Sukmaya Ragg
Sponsorship – Simon Chambers
Committee – Robert McKinnon

President – Air Vice Marshall (retired) Pieter Wattimena
Chairman – Bobby Orlando (resigned mid-term)
Vice Chairman – Kurt Lovell
Secretary-General – Bill Ryan (replaced on an Acting basis by S.Barber)
Assistant Secretary – Irawan Sudewa
Treasurer – Teddy Sukmaya Ragg
Assistant Treasurer – Nick Mesritz
Sponsorship – Stephen Barber

PRUI Life Member

Life Membership is generally considered to be the highest award an organisation can bestow upon one of its members. Life Membership in Persatuan Rugby Union (“PRUI”) is no different. PRUI awards Life Membership in recognition of the exceptional contributions of an individual to the Union, to the community and to the sport of Rugby Union. Accordingly, a Life Member should be an exceptional citizen who has consistently contributed to PRUI over an extended period of time, and who has demonstrated a significant and sustained commitment toward the enhancement and reputation of PRUI.

In order to be eligible for Life Membership, an individual must be, or have been, member of PRUI; this membership may be in any of a variety of capacities, including but not limited to, a Board/ ExCo member, an administrator, a coach, a referee, a volunteer or as a financial or material contributor.

In recognition of the significance and importance of this award, only one individual, if any, may be awarded Life Membership per year.

On August 24, 2013, Stephen Barber became PRUI’s first ever Life Member.

Some of his Notable Achievements

  • PRUI Co-Founder May 10, 2004
  • PRUI Secretary 2004-06
  • PRUI Vice President 2006-07
  • PRUI Chairman 2007-11
  • PRUI Sponsorship & Marketing Manager 2011-Present
  • Represented PRUI at ARFU Council Meetings throughout Asia
  • Represented PRUI at IRB Assembly in Dublin ’09 & Auckland ’11
  • Rhinos Rep 2006-08 – 5 Tests; 3 tries
  • Played in inaugural Rhinos Test v Cambodia
  • SIRR Referee 2005-Present
  • Coached at 2011-13 Jakarta Highland Gathering Kids Charity Day
  • PRUI Women’s Rugby Coach 2013
  • Has assisted PRUI in raising over US$500,000
  • Avid lover of Indonesian Rugby

Jamie Wellington Indonesian Rugby Excellence Award

The Jamie Wellington Indonesian Rugby Excellence Award is named in honour of Jamie Wellington, a member of the 2002 ISCI Rugby Team, was killed in the October 12, 2002 Bali Bombings. Prior to his death in the bombings, Jamie was the Secretary of the ISCI Rugby Club and he had discussed with his friends including Deano Herewini how Indonesia could attain IRB status. Unfortunately for Jamie who was also a respected Teacher at the Jakarta International School his life was cut short, but his good friend Deano joined with others to establish Indonesian Rugby in May 2004, which later gained IRB Associate Member Status in May 2008.

Jamie Wellington’s family and Indonesian Rugby are honoured to remember Jamie and his desire for Indonesian Rugby to attain IRB status with such an award.

Please read the following link: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/bali-bombings-2002/news/article.cfm?c_id=557&objectid=3577506

The “Jamie Wellington Indonesian Rugby Excellence Award” is presented annually and the following persons or groups have been recipients:

2006 – Andrew Vater
2007 – Chris Briggs & George Deda
2008 – Paul Quaglia
2009 – Thiess Contractors Indonesia
2010 – Bobby Orlando & Justin Sampson
2011 – Chris Rowe
2012 – Alan Nye
2013 – Nick Mesritz
2014 – Gareth Rae

Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Awards

The Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Award was conceived in 2011 as an annual award to be presented to a person or persons who in a given year display exemplary efforts in getting involved in Rugby at any level throughout Indonesia. The inspiration for this award was the marvelous work done by Anne-Laure Mousteou in helping to set up the Jago Dulu Rugby Club, volunteering to be a photographer at Rugby tournaments and events, plus playing a leading hand in helping to coordinate the establishment of Women’s Rugby in Indonesia.

“Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Award” recipients:

2011 – Anne-Laure Mousteou
2012 – Irawan Sudewa & Imas Yahya
2013 – Vagi Vegaz Sarwom
2014 – Kurt & Faiz Lovell
PRUI Great Players and Servants
The following gentleman have been recognised as Members of the Indonesian Rugby Hall of Fame:
2008 – Gordon Benton, Sugiman Layanto, Paul Hoban (deceased), Alistair Speirs, David Keefe
2010 – John Cordony (deceased)
2012 – Scott Lysaght, Merv Popadynec, Ben Roberts, Nathan Swain, Robert Thwaites, Jamie Wellington (ISCI Rugby Club Members who were killed in the 2002 Bali Bombings)
2013 – Brian Huntley

PRUI Coach of The Year

This is a new award in 2013 and it is designed to encourage anyone to take up the opportunity to become a Rugby Coach, which is especially important in mentoring young players here in Indonesia as they begin their journey as Rugby players. As Indonesian Rugby continues to grow and expand it is going to need more Coaches to get out and teach young players how to play and enjoy Rugby so that the Game will be sustainable throughout Indonesia.

The inaugural recipients of this award were a couple of people who unwillingly gave a tremendous amount of time over the 2012-13 period as Jakarta Komodos Coaches so that they could teach and develop young children as Rugby players.

2013 – Kyle Larson & Chris Briggs
2014 – Iswahyudi

PRUI Referee of The Year

This is a new award in 2013 and it is designed to encourage former players and current players alike here in Indonesia to have a go at refereeing, because as we all “love them or loathe them” none of us can have the fun we do playing Rugby if we don’t have a Referee.

The inaugural recipient of this award was a young lad who still has many years ahead of him as a player but has already shown what it takes to be a Referee and may he long continue blowing his whistle.

2013 – Ari Yudha Pramono
2014 – Not awarded

Community Rugby Award

The Community Rugby Award is a special award presented to those deemed to have made a difference to the general community via Rugby.
2014 – Desiree van Paridon