U-19 National Rugby 7s Championship

U-19 National Rugby 7s Championship

As part of the continuing developmental efforts for Rugby across the board in Indonesia, PRUI not only conducts Get Into Rugby programs, but also organizes national tournaments at different levels to ensure more local competitions.

Amongst the various tournaments, the U-19 National Rugby 7s Championship 2019 was held at Brawijaya Stadium Surabaya this past Apri 27 and 28, involving six men’s and three women’s provincial teams from all over Indonesia. These Indonesian Rugby warriors converged on the City of Heroes with pride and passion to play their best Rugby.

The first match played on the first day under the scorching Sun was between DKI Jakarta and Bali. From the whistle, both teams displayed gutsy tenacity. Although the early minutes saw both teams striving to establish their own rhythm on the game, Jakarta scored first through forward, Bowo. Each team then took turns chalking points on the board, adding to the intensity with try after try. Bali’s missed conversion was the decider, with Jakarta coming out ahead 12-10.

Games continued throughout the day including the nail-biter 5-0 Banten victory over East Kalimantan in the men’s competition and Bali’s 15-0 win over East Java in the women’s competition.

The second day of the tournament started off with surprise team East Kalimantan defeating Jakarta 12-5 in the first match and later on, they were only slightly pipped by hosts East Java 17-12 after closely contested game.

The Bali women’s side who drew in the first day’s match against Jakarta 12-all, took their revenge in the rematch, trouncing the ladies in orange 15-0. This game was the decider that sent them to the top spot in the women’s competition, taking first position in the tournament with 11 points with Jakarta coming second and hosts East Java taking third.

Throughout the second day, all teams strived to get maximum points and fast breakaways from the wings seemed to be the favoured tactic. The heat of the weather could only be compared to the heat on the pitch.

A hearty salute and special mention to the Central Java team who made their way to the tournament by their own resolve, taking the public bus from Solo and staying at the stadium’s secretariat for the night before making their way back immediately after the tournament. Although they did not manage to win any games, they definitely won the hearts of all who attended.

Prior to the Final in the men’s competition, exhibition matches were held between the Indonesian national men’s and women’s team against a selection dubbed the U-19 All Stars. The improved play shown by the national squads was highlighted by their delight at the chance to play against their junior comrades.

At the end of it all, Jakarta took first place in the men’s competition, beating Bali by one converted try 17-10, giving them the title of tournament champions.

A massive thanks must be conveyed to all participants for their efforts, as well as East Java PRUI for hosting and PB PRUI for their organization.

Full results of the tournament can be seen below.

Day 1:


DKI 12 – 10 Bali

Jateng 7 – 21 Jatim

Banten 5 – 0 Kaltim

DIY 7 – 33 DKI

Bali 24 – 5 Jatim

Jatim 14 – 7 Banten

Kaltim 20 – 7 DIY

DKI 40 – 0 Jateng

Bali 33 – 12 Jatim

Banten 19 – 0 DIY


DKI 34 – 0 Jatim

Jatim 0 – 15 Bali

Bali 12 – 12 DKI

Day 2:


Kaltim 12 – 5 DKI

Bali 26 – 0 DIY

Jateng 0 – Banten 21

Jatim 17 – 12 Kaltim

DKI 42 – 0 Banten

Kaltim 39 –  0 Jateng

DIY 7 – 35 Jatim

Bali 26 – 0 Banten

DKI 26 – 5 Jatim

DIY 17 – 7 Jateng

Kaltim 0 – 10 Bali


Jatim 0 – 27 DKI

DKI 0 – 15 Bali

Bali 41 – 0 Jatim

FINAL Women’s:

  1. Bali
  2. DKI
  3. Jatim

FINAL Men’s: DKI 17 – 10 Bali