2013 Rhinos Squad Announced

2013 Rhinos Squad Announced

The squad for the 2013 Indonesian National Rugby Team, the Rhinos which will play in the HSBC Asian 5 Nations Division 3 Tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 5-8 was announced this afternoon in Jakarta, by Mr. Jamie Johnston (National Coach) and his assistants Mr. Tatsuji Uchiyama and Mr. Yuta Nakagawa (on loan from the Japan Rugby Football Union). The squad of 28 includes 3 emergency players (in case of injuries) that will attend a Training Camp to be held June 1-3 in Bandung, West Java.

The Training Squad is as follows:

Nick Mesritz (Bali Rugby)
Adrian (Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club – JBRC)
Marco Sebastian (JBRC)
Alton Annar (JBRC)
Paulus Banti (Papua)
Agustinus Yohanes (Cendrawasih, Papua)
Markus (Bali Rugby)
Hastono van Hien (Sydney, Aust)
Arinus Bukaleng (Menagas, Papua)
Teken (Yogyakarta Chief)
Daniel Rahadian Nugroho (Uni of Qld RFC, Aust)
Jerry Omaleng (Menagas, Papua)
Max Arobaya (JBRC)
Tom Elliot (Jakarta Komodos)
Florian Busi (Bandung Rams)
Dan Sivess (Bali Rugby)

Yudha Ari (JBRC)
Bobby Sumantri (Singapore)
Steve Field (JBRC)
Laurance (Jayapura, Papua)
Marinus (Cendrawasih, Papua)
Asykar (Matano Miners)
Vegaz Sarwon (Yogyakarta Chief)
Dian Simatupang (Sydney, Aust)
Scott (Bali Rugby)
Fendy Tjhung (JBRC)
Yohanes Musi (JBRC)
Indonesia will play Guam at 3pm on Wednesday June 5 at the Petaling Jaya Stadium and then will play its second tournament match on either June 7 or 8, depending on the result in its first match.

For a full tournament schedule please go to:http://www.asian5nations.com/node/41

The 2013 Indonesian Rhinos are proudly sponsored by Britmindo.