A Young Speedster Quickly Making his Mark

A Young Speedster Quickly Making his Mark

In 2013, Indonesian Rugby will promote a male and female player in each “Rugby in Indonesia” Monthly Newsletter, so that our readers can better understand what these players think about the Game in this country and what it means to them and their friends to be involved in Rugby.

Our first featured male player made his debut off the bench for the Indonesian National Team, the Rhinos against Guam last year. He then backed up this cameo run by earning a run on start in the next Test against Pakistan and despite being the smallest and youngest player on the field, he went onto to play his heart out and win the respect of many that day including the Pakistan No.8 who he smashed in a mid-field tackle.

Ari Yudha ‘Yucil’ Pramono

1. When did you start playing Rugby? I started playing Rugby when I was 16 years old and still at High School.

2. Who first introduced Rugby to you? I was introduced to Rugby by my High School teacher, Mr. Iswahyudi.

3. What were you first impressions about playing Rugby? I thought that it was a sport that required its players to be strong and physical.

4. What does your family think about you playing Rugby? Initially my family did not allow me to play Rugby as my body was small and thin, however these days due to my success on the field they are my biggest supporters.

5. Which club do you play for? I play for the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club.

6. What changed for you once you started playing Rugby? Once I started playing Rugby I became much fitter and I began to feel more disciplined about my daily life thanks to Rugby.

7. What are your strengths as a player? I see my strengths as player being my ability to catch and pass, make solid tackles and I have plenty of speed.

8. How did it feel to play in the Indonesian National Team, the Rhinos? I was honoured to play for my country and it made me feel very happy and enthusiastic about my Rugby.

9. Which players do you look up to in the Rhinos? The two players I look up to the most are Daniel Nugroho and Bobby Orlando.

10. Which overseas player or players do you like the most? My favourite overseas based player is Cory Jane from the All Blacks.

11. What message do you have for Indonesian players wishing to take up Rugby? My advice to beginners who wish to take up Rugby to listen to instructions from their senior players or coaches, as well to learn from others and most importantly “never give up”.

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