Harimau Getting Ready to Roar in Singapore

Harimau Getting Ready to Roar in Singapore

Indonesian Rugby has been invited to compete in the final leg of this years HSBC Asian 7s Series where it gets the chance to compete against the best Asia has to offer. This is a very prestigious competition and the Union is approaching it with the utmost professionalism to do Indonesian Rugby and the rest of Indonesia proud. PRUI has appointed Gareth Rae as Coach for this tournament.

Gareth commented, “Unfortunately (given the nature of Indonesia) the bulk of the training will be done in Jakarta and with that said, it is very likely that the majority of the squad will come from the Jakarta region given they are able to train together on a more regular basis. That however does not necessarily mean that only Jakarta based players will travel to Singapore.”

Planned training sessions at present are as follows (subject to change)

October 22nd – JIS 7pm
October 24th – JIS 7pm
October 26th – Jagorawi 9am
October 27th – JIS 8am TBC
October 29th – JIS 7pm
October 31st – JIS 7pm
November 2nd – Jagorawi TBC
November 3rd – JIS 8am TBC
November 5th – JIS 7pm
November 7th – JIS 7pm

Gareth also commented that, “Not all on this list will end up going to Singapore and some of you will be disappointed. Regardless please take this as a positive note, what the next few weeks offers as a positive and keep working to better yourself and those around you as we strive to push Indonesian Rugby forward.”

Potential players are listed below (but not exclusive to) –

Scott Atkinson – Bantengs
Stephen Field – Bantengs
Yudha Ari – Bantengs
Alton Annar – Bantengs
Didikus Ria – Bali
Dan Sivess – Bali
Max Arobaya – Bantengs
Bobby Sumantri – Bedok
Marc Thomson – Komodos
Gareth Rae – Komodos
Stevie Haurissa – Komodos
Marco Sebastian – Bantengs
Florian Busi – Bandung
Askar – Matano
Geri – Cendrawasih
Vegaz – Chiefs
Aga – JIS
David Pasaribu – Nagas