Indonesia is Getting Into Rugby

Indonesia is Getting Into Rugby

On Wednesday June 4, IRB Educator, Simon Jones carried out a “Get Into Rugby” (GIR) Introductory Session for a group of coaches in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Simon introduced the attendees to the online information available on the GIR website in a quick classroom session held at Britmindo’s Office. Britmindo are the major sponsors of the Indonesian National Rugby Team, who are known as ‘The Rhinos’.

The 20 attendees (16 males and 4 females) were then taken though Try Phase Module 1 on the nearby ACG International School Sports Field. Simon allowed a group of the attendees to run each session so that they could appreciate how it easy it is to coach GIR to children and youths.

All in attendance enjoyed the session and vowed to assist Indonesian Rugby and the IRB in promoting GIR throughout Indonesia over the foreseeable future.

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