Indonesian Rugby Recognises Kyle Larson and Chris Briggs as Coaches of the Year id

PRUI inaugurated another new award at the “2013 Indonesian Rugby Charity Lunch” on Saturday August 24, namely “Coach of the Year”. This new award is designed to encourage people to take up the opportunity to become a Rugby Coach at their local club or school, which is especially important in mentoring young players here in Indonesia as they begin their journey as Rugby players. As Indonesian Rugby continues to grow and expand it is going to need more Coaches to go out and teach young players how to play and enjoy Rugby so that the Game will become sustainable throughout Indonesia.

The inaugural recipients of the this award were Kyle Larson and Chris Briggs, who is pictured above (on the right) receiving the award from former Wallaby, Ben Darwin. Kyle and Chris have unwillingly given a tremendous amount of time over the past year as the Senior Coaches of the “Jakarta Komodos Junior Rugby Program” so that they can teach and develop young boys and girls as future Rugby players.

After receiving this award Kyle and Chris paid tribute to all the other parents involved in the ‘Komodos Junior Rugby Program’ saying that they shared in this award as their combined efforts had shown what was possible when it came to teaching young children how to play and enjoy Rugby.

The 2013-14 ‘Jakarta Komodos Junior Rugby’ season kicks off on Saturday September 14 at the Jagorawi Golf and Country Club, which is conveniently located approximately 25-30 minutes south from the Kemang area on the Jakarta-Bogor Jagorawi Toll Road. Clean air, gorgeous grounds and a dedicated pitch plus clubhouse is available for use players and parents alike. For more information please click on this link: