Jakarta Region XVs Series Expands to Seven Teams in 2015

Recently, David Nye, Head of the PRUI Tournaments and Competitions Subcommittee announced the proposed draw and schedule for the annual Jakarta Region XV’s Series. David confirmed that there will be seven (7) teams involved in this year’s competition, which the most teams ever and a clear indication of rugby’s growth in the Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung region.

It has been decided for ease of running this year’s tournament in compliance with World Rugby and also to try and keep games competitive the tournament will be split into two divisions.

Division 1 – Komodos, JJRG, Bandung United and Bantengs

Division 2 – UNJ, Bandung Rams, and Bogor

There will be a relegation of the 4th place team in Div 1 after the round robin fixtures to play in the finals series for Div 2. This allows for more games to be played in the division 2 side of the draw. Then there is the possibility of the winner of Div 2 being promoted for the following year’s tournament based upon results this season.

The tournament rules will be as per World Rugby requirements, meaning that there will be no unlimited subs; twenty-three (23) match day players with six (6) front row replacements; a PRUI Citing Officer/Match Official will be present at each game; PRUI will provide match Referees and Assistant Referees; and full medical care will be provided.

PRUI will award a ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Player of the Series’ for each Division.

At this early stage (maybe modified later) all games are scheduled for Jagorawi until such point as the formats and dates are agreed. There will be two rounds giving 8 weekends of rugby to be played from February 14th up until April 25th with game times scheduled as follows on each and every game day.

Div 2 – 12.15pm
Div 1 – 2pm
Div 1 – 3.45pm

All games ideally need to be played at a single venue for logistical reasons and also limited number of volunteers that will be required to manage these weekends from a PRUI and Match official perspective. If there any volunteers willing to assist either for Refereeing, Assistant Ref, game day match official, etc, then please contact David Nye.

This tournament will be played in the lead up to the selection of this year’s Indonesian National Men’s 15-a-side Team, known as the Rhinos, who will play Guam and China in the “2015 Asian Rugby Championship Division 3 East Tournament”. The Rhinos will play Guam on Sunday June 7 and China on Saturday June 13 at a venue (tbc) in Jakarta.

All the clubs participating in this competition have been asked to nominate a representative to be the main point of contact and to respond and provide necessary feedback to David Nye and Fikri Al-Azhar who are serving as the Tournament Committee on behalf of PRUI.

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