Jakarta Schools Rugby 7’s… A Continued Success

Jakarta Schools Rugby 7’s… A Continued Success

On Saturday December 1, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) hosted the second round of the 2012 Jakarta Schools Rugby 7s Tournament, following on from the first round which was hosted by Global Jaya International School (GJIS) on November 9.

Bruce Comrie from SPH commented that there was a good standard of play last Saturday, as there was in the first round plus he also commended all the participants on their high level of sportsmanship, which is typical of the spirit in which Rugby is played around the world.

The Jakarta International School (JIS) Varsity team proved to be very strong winning each of its matches, but teams such as the French International School (LIF), the British International School (BIS) and SPH also proved to be very competitive. A special mention should also go to the combined schools team known as Banteng Muda (BANT), Darunnajah (DAR), Cendrawasih (CEN) and GJIS who also were commendable in their efforts.

Many thanks to Danone who sponsored the Aqua and Mizone for all the players and match officials. PRUI would also like to thank Britmindo, Asiadrill and Leighton for their great support of Grass Roots Rugby in Indonesia.


BIS 19 d GJIS 0
SPH 24 d GJIS 0

BIS A 29 d GJIS A 0
JIS A 17 d GJIS B 0
LIF A 36 d GJIS A 0
SPH B 12 d JIS B 10
SPH A 34 d DAR 7
BIS A 33 d BANT 7
JIS B 19 d LIF B 7
SPH A 14 d JIS A 12
LIF A 38 d BANT 0


JIS 14 d BIS 5
SPH 27 d CEN 5
JIS 28 d SPH 12
BIS 36 d CEN 0
SPH 21 d BIS 14
JIS 40 d CEN 0

BIS 19 d DAR 0
JIS Var Blue 35 d JIS Var White 0
GJIS 28 d SPH B 14
DAR 10 v LIF B 10
JIS Var BlUE 24 d LIF A 0
JIS JV A 35 d GJIS 5
JIS Var Blue 31 d BIS 0
BANT 27 d SPH B 0
JIS Var White 48 d JIS JV A 0
LIF A 30 d SPH A 14
BANT 12 d JIS JV A 7
LIF A 21 d BIS 0
JIS Var White 47 d SPH A 17
JIS JV A 28 d LIF B 0
SPH B 12 d DAR 7
BANT 29 d GJIS 7
LIF B 12 d BANT 0

A final round of matches will be played at the British International School (BIS) on Saturday December 15. Please head along to BIS to support the school boys as they do their best on the field.