KONI Membership Achieved

KONI Membership Achieved

Thursday February 21, 2013 heralded a new era for the Game of Rugby in Indonesia as the sport became a Permanent Member of “Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia” (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) or KONI as it is better known. Rugby is now played in at least 16 clubs scattered among 12 provinces and the sport is quickly gaining in popularity. It is hoped that with this new found status Rugby can now socialise itself to the wider Indonesian community, especially in schools, colleges and universities.

Representatives from Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) were invited to the 2013 KONI Members Annual General Meeting in order to see that Rugby was approved as a new Member Sport given that PRUI already hosts a regular National Championship plus participates in annual International matches.

PRUI Chairman, Yudha Ramon, commented that support for Rugby was continuing to grow within Indonesia, and he also noted that that there are a few provinces in Sumatra (Riau, Aceh, South Sumatra and Belitung Island) that are also keen to establish Rugby as a sport.

It is hoped that this new status for Rugby in Indonesia will also be welcomed by the International Rugby Board (IRB) as part of PRUI’s efforts to one day gain Full IRB Membership, given that the Union is currently an Associate Member.

KONI Membership will allow PRUI to prepare and train Men and Women’s Rugby 7’s teams to participate in the 2015 South East Asian Games in Singapore, plus also provide increased socialisation and development for the sport in outer regions.

PRUI believes that this new status for Rugby will also help to improve the skills of young players through more coaching and development, so that they will one day excel at national and international tournaments.

KONI recognition has been obtained through hard work from all players, coaches, supporters, sponsors and administrators (both current and previous), who were represented at the 2013 KONI Members AGM by:

1. Air Vice Marshal (Ret.) Pieter L.D. Wattimena (PRUI President)
2. Yudha Ramon (Chairman)
3. Akmal Nasser (General Manager)
4. Teddy Ragg (Treasurer)
5. Shaun Gozali (Assistant Treasurer)
6. Nifa Dahlan (Secretary General)

A special mention should also go to representatives from KONI’s Head Office who had faith in Rugby becoming a Permanent Member Sport of KONI:

1. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Tono Suratman (KONI Chairman)
2. Drs. Ganjar Razuni, SH., M.Si (KONI Deputy Secretary General)
3. Rusman Ghazali
4. Bambang Rus Effendy
5. Adilita Pramanti

PRUI appreciates the following KONI Provinces who supported Rugby’s inclusion as a Permanent Member Sport:

1. Aceh
2. North Sumatra
3. Riau
4. Belitung Islands
5. South Sumatra
6. Jakarta
7. Banten
8. West Java
9. East Java
10. Yogyakarta
11. Bali
12. West Nusa Tenggara
13. North Maluku
14. South Sulawesi
15. North Sulawesi
16. Papua

PRUI is also thankful to the following sports that assisted Rugby in becoming a Permanent Member:

1. Taekwondo
2. Cricket
3. Boxing

A special mention should also go to Albert WA Tangkudung S.Sos, M. Pd (General Manager or Persatuan Cricket Indonesia) who assisted PRUI representatives in meeting his contacts from KONI’s Head Office.

PRUI is also very thankful to the seven gentlemen who had the foresight to establish Indonesian Rugby on May 10, 2004, because without their visions for Rugby as a sport in Indonesia, the Game would not have reached its current heights. These gentlemen are as follows:

1. Stephen Barber
2. Deano Herewini
3. Lawrie Jorgensen
4. Brian Millen
5. Andrew Nugroho
6. Paul Quaglia
7. Andrew Vater

Similarly the growth and development of Indonesian Rugby would not have been possible without the support of valuable sponsors who have been willing to back PRUI along the way. Current sponsors include:

1. Britmindo
2. Penta Intraco
3. Asiadrill Bara Utama
4. Leighton
5. Fez by Aphrodite
6. The Aphrodite Group
7. Tsunami Sportswear
8. Atlas Copco
9. Crane Worldwide Logistics
10. Slaney’s Butchery
11. Santa Fe Relocation Services
12. Danone Aqua
13. NOW! Jakarta
14. OB Golf & Lifestyle
15. WNJ
16. Mandarin Oriental Hotel
17. Kristal Hotel

A new era for Indonesian Rugby has begun!