This document describes the privacy policy of Rugby Indonesia Mobile App, both iOS and Android version. Rugby Indonesia App is owned by Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia, and managed by PT DNArtworks Komunikasi Visual.

Data Collection

User of this application may access the “Teammate Photos” feature, in which he/she can take picture of himself, then share it to fellow application users. The picture can be taken from user’s camera or photo library, and uploaded to the Rugby Indonesia app server if the user explicitly allow that by clicking the “Upload” button. The picture will then be available for viewing by other users who has downloaded the same application. These pictures will not be shown in other means, including the official website of Rugby Indonesia.

The use of “Teammate Photos” feature is not mandatory in order to use other features.

Aside from the “Teammate Photos” feature, we do not collect personal data from the user.

Third Party Services

We do not share your pictures or other personal data to any third parties, except the cloud provider that hosts the service.

Data Retention

Generally we do not remove uploaded pictures unless requested. If you wish to remove the picture from our server, please contact our representative at