State University of Jakarta to Start Playing Rugby

State University of Jakarta to Start Playing Rugby

Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) and the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club (JBRC) combined on Thursday April 19 and Friday April 20 to present a Rugby Seminar at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ).

UNJ was targeted by PRUI as the campus is known as a formal educator of future Indonesian Sports Coaches and it is high time to have Rugby included on the UNJ curriculum. For more information please go to:

Speakers at the seminar included Andrew Nugroho, one of the Founders of Indonesian Rugby, along with Tito Vau, former Vice Chairman of PRUI and Akmal Nasser, who is a current PRUI employee.

The title of the seminar was “Implementation of Rugby into the world of work”.

The seminar was followed by a hands-on training session, aided by some UNJ students who have Rugby playing experience. These instructors included Iswahyudi, Teguh Setiawan, Arie Bima and Agustian who are also members of Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club; this club’s foundations were built on the early work done by Indonesian Development Rugby, which has since become known as PRUI or Indonesian Rugby.

The two-day seminar was attended by 40 UNJ students and it was supported by senior UNJ Staff members, who were also in attendance.

It is hoped that Rugby will soon be one of the sports courses on offer at UNJ. “We will soon schedule a regular Rugby exercise program, with the aim to form the UNJ Rugby Club” commented Iwan Barata, Chairman of UNJ Sports and Recreation majors.

PRUI and JBRC are very proud about their efforts to popularise Rugby in Indonesia.

PRUI appreciates the support of sponsors such as PT Leigthon Contractors Indonesia and PT Britmindo who are both great supporters of Grass Roots Rugby in Indonesia.

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