Your Chance to Get Into Rugby

Your Chance to Get Into Rugby

The International Rugby Board or IRB as it is known has over the past year implemented “Get Into Rugby” (GIR) as its main platform to promote and increase participation numbers worldwide. The implementation of GIR is especially important in emerging Rugby nations like Indonesia, given that the IRB sees the country as having immense growth potential due to the country’s huge population and the fact that 50% of its citizens are under 30 years of age. As such Indonesian Rugby believes it is vital that it has all of its stakeholders are informed about GIR and assist the Union with its implementation into schools and Rugby clubs.

Indonesian Rugby has invited Ismail ‘Izzy’ Kadir, a Regional IRB Educator from the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU), to come to Jakarta to conduct a socialisation and crash course on GIR, on Saturday, August 30th 2014, at 9 am in Singapore International School. This will be a 4 hour course, with both some discussion and practical training on/off the pitch. Throughout the course, it is hoped that all participants will gain a better understanding on why GIR is so important towards grass roots Rugby development and how the program will help you introduce Rugby in a fun way to boys and girls. Children already playing Rugby will also gain benefit from the programme as well. To briefly introduce GIR: It is a comprehensive, yet simple platform designed by the IRB, to introduce children of all ages, and even adults with no previous rugby experience to the Game. The program consists of 3 stages:

1. TRY

Introducing participants to the principles of Rugby for the first time

  • Getting started with introductory Rugby sessions
  • These include the principles of Rugby, agility, balance, coordination, passing,catching and teamwork


Developing players’ skills, building their Game understanding and experience of the unique ethos of Rugby

  • Coaching sessions to teach the principles and skills of Rugby and a safe progression to playing the Game


How to keep players in the Game for life and enjoy and experience the fun, fitness, health benefits and unique values of playing Rugby, namely integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline The IRB has made GIR its main program for development, as this is their way of measuring participation and development of Rugby in each nation on a monthly basis. Participation numbers of each session are recorded online and to date 152 males and 289 females have participated in GIR in the Jakarta-Bogor region. It has hoped to push these participation into the 1000’s once GIR takes hold in Indonesia. Karina Soerjanatamihardja, Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) National Development Manager commented “the goal is to train and certify interested teachers/ coaches of schools, in order to be able to implement GIR independently as part of the school curriculum, or to be used in their extra curricular activities. To teachers/ coaches with no previous rugby experience, further training and certification is required, so coaching contact rugby can be conducted in a controlled and safe environment. Of course, PRUI will provide the necessary courses for certification.”

PRUI has already kick-started GIR via the Red Ants Girls Team trained by Steve Barber and also with the parents/ and coaches of the Jakarta Komodos Juniors Rugby Club (for more about this club please see: Rob McKinnon has also recently helped to get GIR up and running in some Bogor schools. There has been great feedback and results from all groups. To find out more about GIR: