Bali Legends Honour 20 Years of Bali 10’s

Bali Legends Honour 20 Years of Bali 10’s

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Bali 10’s a bunch of old boys blew out the cobwebs and played in a “Bali Legends” match to honour all those who have played in the tournament over the years since the tournament was launched back in 1995 at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel pitch at Sanur. Two scratch teams were put together on the spot with the teams skippered by Kurt Lovell and Adrian ‘Spanner’ Morris.

It was certainly a case of the ‘older I get the better I was’ as well worn joints cranked into action and the old boys put on a show for the younger lads and lasses on the sidelines. There was some sparkling play by the old boys as a number of tries were scored out wide following some solid mid-field hit ups. Highlight of the match was a booming down field kick by Barbs (coached pre-match by Steve Nye) followed up by a 60-odd metre chase and follow up tackle, with ensuing play seeing Kotekas stalwart Williem crossing over in the corner.

Breaks in play were well received by all with Heineken being preferred over water. Thanks also to match referee Ian Noakes who officiated the match well and rugby was the winner at the final whistle.

Bali Bombing Memorial

Earlier in the afternoon all those present at the tournament formed a guard of honour to remember the 27 rugby players and supporters who lost their lives as a result of the 2002 Bali Bombings on the evening of October 12, 2002.

Steve Barber read out a short note to honour those killed:

This morning in Bali a bunch of lads got up early to play in the annual Bali 10’s just as they did 12 years ago on this day…… I remember that day well as it was just like any other hot day playing rugby here in Bali…….what was so different and so wrong was the events that unfolded that evening. We lost 27 rugby enthusiasts that night among 202 lost souls. Today the Bali 10’s celebrates its 20th anniversary and the tournament is stronger than ever as are our memories of Oct 12, 2002 and the friends and family we lost forever. The words on the memorial plaque at the old Sanur pitch are eternally etched in our minds……

“To live in the hearts of those you leave behind is not to die”