IRB’s “Get Into Rugby” is Now Online

IRB’s “Get Into Rugby” is Now Online

The IRB Get Into Rugby programme is part of the new IRB strategy to support the growth of the Game globally in partnership with its member Regions and Unions. The programme is a central part of the IRB initiative to grow Rugby as the Game rejoins the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The aim of the programme is to encourage players of all ages to Try, Play and Stay in Rugby, with a target of attracting one million new players and 15,000 new coaches and referees over the next four years. Get into Rugby will promote the values of the Game and ensure children (like those pictured above) are encouraged to try Rugby in a safe and progressive environment.

The key stages of the programme are:

The initial phase of the programme will be to get children to TRY Rugby in clubs, schools and local communities in order to learn and experience the values, passion, principles and skills of Rugby. This will be supported by trained coaches, teachers and leaders. There are free to use games for teachers and coaches to use.

In the next phase, players will progress to PLAY the Game in a safe, fun environment – in leagues, festival events and programmes, after an initial training period. Once more, there are free to use games for teachers and coaches to use.

The focus of the STAY stage will be to support players to progress and stay in Rugby as a player, coach, referee, administrator, volunteer or fan in joining teams, clubs, communities and national Unions.

The three phases of the programme will be delivered by IRB/Union educated coaches, teachers or development officers. The primary focus is to introduce children to the principles of the Game and allow them to experience Rugby with a coach/teacher, using the resources and materials provided by the IRB.

Because of the physical contact in Rugby, some games within the PLAY section should only be accessed after teachers and coaches have passed the IRB Rugby Ready online exam.

The overall management and implementation of Get Into Rugby is being led by IRB General Manager for Development, Morgan Buckley (

Indonesian Rugby commenced the implementation of this programme recently with a group of young ladies from Mama Sayang Orphanage. Other ladies and young girls are most welcome to join the regular Saturday morning training sessions at JIS Field 4 from 10am-12pm. Note – this week’s session will take place at Jagorawi at 9am.

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