Pangudi Luhur BARTOV Rugby 7’s

Pangudi Luhur BARTOV Rugby 7’s

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Indonesian Rugby,

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) to officially announce the 2012 Indonesian RHINOS Train-on Squad..

This squad will attend a 3-day training camp that will commence on the 26th May until the 28th May.. All players are expected to assemble at the Team Guest House in Bintaro, Sector 3, Jakarta anytime after 1pm on the 25th May.. The final team which will consist of 24 players to be finally selected by the Head Coach Jamie Johnston and Assistant Coach Simon Jones will depart for KL on the 29th May.. The Rhinos will play Guam on the 30th May and then either India or Pakistan on the 1st June..

The squad is –

Bali – Nick Mesritz, Dan Sivess, Markus

Banteng – Yudha Ramon, Ari Yudha, Marco, Yohanes Musi, John Taylor, Adrian, Agustian, Fikri Al Azhar

Komodos – Daniel Nugroho, Tom Elliot, Mark Brown, Mike Lewis, Kyle Larson, Gareth Rae

Balikpapan – Ribut

Sengatta – Asmuri

Papua based – Nico Joku, George Offide

Mantano – Ashykar

Jago Dulu-Rams – Florian Busi

Sumbawa – David Pasaribu, Asep

Surabaya – Putu

Gosowong – Meidy Pesik

Overseas based – Kirk Arundale, Hastono Van Hien, Dian Simatupang, Michael Bavin, Stevie Haurissa

Emergency on stand-by – Bobby Orlando

A big congratulations to all those lads for making it thus far.. But please do remember that the final team to depart for KL will be selected by the Head Coach and his Assistant.. And only 24 players shall represent Indonesia at the 2012 Asian 5 Nations Division 3 Championships..

Akmal and Nick Mesritz (members of PRUI ExCo) will communicate to you all on a separate email in due course all the necessary items, personal belongings etc. that you will need to bring with you to the camp.. Including the full address and name of the guest house that we will be staying at for the duration of the training camp..

PRUI now plans to hold a RHINOS Trial match this Saturday at JIS to allow for all the potential Rhinos players to play against a combined JKT team that will consist of players from Komodos, Jago-Rams and Bantengs.. So if you are on the list above and you are in JKT this Saturday, then it is compulsory that you turn up and give it your best to help cement your place in the final 24.. Any or all other players from JKT are welcome to come down and play against the potential Rhinos, so please pass the word around.. Kick off is at 2.30pm sharp!!

Please note – just like every year, players may pull out of the train-on squad for personal, professional or other reasons.. And we respect and appreciate this fact..

Once again on behalf of PRUI, congratulations and good luck..