The Spirit of Rugby Alive and Well in Yogyakarta Thanks to Vegaz

The Spirit of Rugby Alive and Well in Yogyakarta Thanks to Vegaz

Rugby continues to grow and expand its reach throughout Indonesia thanks to the tireless work of several volunteers and as such in 2013. The Union decided that the ‘Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Award’ that was inaugurated two years ago would now be annually awarded to the person or persons who in a given year have displayed exemplary efforts in getting involved in Rugby at any level throughout Indonesia. The efforts of Vagi Vegaz Sarwom (pictured above on the left) known as ‘Vegaz’ to his friends has not gone unnoticed given that he has done a fantastic job in setting up the Yogyakarta Rugby Club in a region of Indonesia where Rugby previously did not exist.

True to his love of helping out and supporting Indonesian Rugby, Vegaz decided to attend the ‘2013 Indonesian Rugby Charity Lunch’ off his own back without knowing that he was in line to receive this award.

The inspiration for this award was the marvelous work done by Anne-Laure Mousteou in helping to set up the Jago Dulu Rugby Club, volunteering to be a photographer at Rugby tournaments and events, plus playing a leading hand in helping to coordinate the establishment of Women’s Rugby in Indonesia.

“Spirit of Indonesian Rugby Award” recipients:

2011 – Anne-Laure Mousteou
2012 – Irawan Sudewa & Imas Yahya
2013 – Vagi Vegaz Sarwom