Jakarta Banteng officially adopt Darunnajah Rugby

Jakarta Banteng officially adopt Darunnajah Rugby

Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club (JBRC) has officially partnered with Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah in the spirit of rugby development in Indonesia. This long term partnership will include, amongst other facilities, coaching clinics and equipment support for Darunnajah.

The partnership was announced by Deddie Sionader, Chairman of Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club, during the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club “Buka Puasa Bersama” event on Saturday the 9th, June 2017. Mr. Sionader’s announcement was accompanied by the handing over of a new Darunnajah home kit and rugby ball to Bahrul Arifudin, teacher and Rugby coach for Darunnajah Rugby.

“We are honored to be able to work with one of the pioneering rugby schools in Indonesia as they continue to introduce and develop rugby as part of both their curriculum and community,” said Fikri Muhammad Al Azhar, Bantengs Advisor & Junior Rugby Development Lead.

Darunnajah started their rugby program in 2005, and has since grown their student and participant pool to over 200 members. In recent years, Darunnajah has also seen a number of members continue to build upon the foundations created internally by way of participation in both the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club, as well as the Indonesian national team.

Mr. Arifudin, Darunnajah’s head coach, is enthusiastic about the future and continued cooperation between the two clubs, and sees the opportunity as integral in moving forward with the development of rugby in Indonesia.

“The Banteng family and Darunnajah have finally partnered,” said Mr. Arifudin, a member of the Banteng Rugby Club since 2005, “and we are looking forward to hosting the Banteng side at our facilities soon to celebrate the future.”

In a closing statement, Mr. Sionader encouraged all senior rugby clubs to be available to help with Indonesian rugby development through partnerships and sponsorships with schools and universities.