Rugby Bali celebrates Olympic Month with students at English First Bali

Rugby Bali celebrates Olympic Month with students at English First Bali

Rugby Bali in partnership with English First Bali introduced rugby into the students as part of Olympic Month celebration at the school.

During the celebrations, students aged 7 to 13 years old were given previews of Rugby involvement in the Olympics, and how important it is to get active since young.

The Operation Officer of Rugby Bali, Wira Lokantara, explained that as the newest addition to the Olympics, Rugby would have its part to be involved in the celebration, which is as important as popularizing the game itself to the non-rugby – or a not-yet-rugby, – nation like Indonesia.

“Rugby in the Rio Olympic last year was inspirational. We showcased our Rugby values on and off the field, and the sense of belonging to the Olympics is inevitable. Common values are meant to be shared and spread across,” he explained.

We are lucky to have English First as our institution partner to help the kids know the values of the Olympics, as even more through our game, he added.

“These kids are very enthusiastic and has a lot of energy. It is our responsibility to get them channeled into positive activities like sports, and Rugby is a great game to do that,” he mentioned.

Rugby is part of the outdoor activities for the students who are learning English in the institution, and we are rightly so to be proud that Get Into Rugby program will be held regularly to the students in the future.

“We are not just teaching them rugby, but we are getting them to be more active with English through games instructions and other activities, which benefits the partnership,” Wira explained.

Wira hopes that partnership like this will flourish in the future, and for the game of Rugby to be known in many other possible ways.

“Rugby is a game for all, and English First’s initiative to collaborate with us in the Olympics Months celebration is marvelous in many ways,” he concluded.