Rugby Indonesia Participated on the First Aid In Rugby (FAIR) by Singapore Rugby Union

PRUI delegated 9 people to attend the First Aid In Rugby (FAIR) training on July 21, 2017, at the Singapore Sports Hub. The training was held for a full day, led by Singapore Rugby Union. The trainees from Indonesia come from 5 different Provinces and expected to share their knowledge to their area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin. This training taught on how to give first aid to the injury players on training or a Rugby match before further action is given by a more capable medic. In this training they also taught not to panic and carry out all the actions according to standard procedures.

Materials in this training include artificial breathing, pacemaker use, and handling neck injuries while in a rugby game. All material is explained in English and Malay. All participants from Indonesia were enthusiastic in training and got a lot of new knowledge.

Indonesian representatives are: Luke Nugroho, David Afriansyah, Rizal Arsyad, Siti Bainingrum, Rendy Yusuf (Jakarta), Andi Ardiansyah (Bandung), Alim Sudarsono (Bojonegoro), Faiz Lovell (Bali) and George Ofide (Papua).