Jogja Chiefs Teach Local School Kids How to Play Rugby

Jogja Chiefs Teach Local School Kids How to Play Rugby

Report by Vegaz Sarwom, Jogja Chiefs

The Jogja Chiefs last week hosted a one day clinic with two different coaching sessions, the first for primary students and the second for high school students. The Yogyakarta International School students really enjoyed the sessions. The Rugby clinic involved Rugby videos plus a general introduction to Rugby.

The clinic was hosted by representatives from the Jogja Chiefs who were only introduced to the Game two years ago. They used their knowledge of the Game plus information gained from YouTube Rugby skills videos.

The school children were introduced to Rugby laws, passing and tackle drills.They also had the opportunity to enjoy themselves playing some Touch Rugby.

Special thanks to Nicky Brower who is a P.E teacher at Yogyakarta International School for allowing the Jogja Chiefs via Max Theo and Vegaz Sarwom, to host these sessions. Thanks also to Indonesian Rugby for their support and initiative in helping the Jogja Chiefs to run this Rugby clinic.