Rugby 7s at Asian Games 2018 in numbers

With the end of the Rugby 7s competition of the 18th Asian Games, Jakarta Palembang 2018, we take a look at some interesting numbers from the event:

  1. 14 – the total number of participating countries in the Rugby 7s competition made up of 12 men’s and 8 women’s teams. The participating countries were: Afghanistan, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE and hosts, Indonesia.
  2. 34 – a total of 34 national and international match officials were on hand including 28 field officials, 4 members of the citing committee and 2 officials from Asia Rugby and World Rugby.
  3. 300 + 200 – the initial number of seats had to be added on as fans, especially from Indonesia, were very keen to watch the competition.
  4. 66 – Katsuyuki Sakai of the Japan’s men’s team ended the competition as top points scorer with 66 points followed by Benjamin Rimene of Hong Kong with 64, Slaimankhel of Afghanistan with 53, Shan Changshung of China with 47 and Nanda Oloan Siregar of Indonesia with 41 points.
  5. 227 – the most points scored in the men’s competition by the Hong Kong men’s team throughout the competition that eventually won them the gold medal.
  6. 219 – the most points scored in the women’s competition by China but only clinched them the silver medal. The Japanese women’s team scored a total of only 190 points but it was enough for them to win gold.
  7. 5 – a total of three and a half tons of ice was provided for the three days of competition.
  8. 200 – a daily supply of 200 boxes of mineral water was provided for all the players.
  9. 17 – the age of the youngest player in the competition, Vlada Odnoletok from the Kazakhstan women’s team.
  10. 27 – the podium that was used for the medal presentation ceremony had a total length of 27 meters.